Fieldside Chat | Midweek check-in with Moïse Bombito and Chris Armas 


Defender Moïse Bombito

On the mentality needed to take on Seattle

I think Seattle is a tough opponent, obviously, with the past results they've been having. I think if we go in that game with the same mentality we had in the second half of the Real Salt Lake game, I think it's going to be a good day for us. We just got to stay focused and keep on in for sure.

On his recent call-up to the Canadian Men's National Team

I think is just a fruit of my hard work the past weeks I had with Coach Armas. And I also think that with the confidence that the group brings to me, I think it's just reflecting on how well we're playing right now. And obviously it's an honor to be called up again for the national team.

On the takeaways from a win over rivals Salt Lake

I think it's a well-deserved win for sure. And that's what we needed for the group. Because with all the hard work we've been putting in in the past weeks, I think we just needed the reassurance that we can keep going on that track, you know, how do you keep this momentum going into another road game? It's gonna be tough for sure. But going into that Real Salt Lake game where we haven't won in four years at their place, I just think it brings confidence going on another road trip and do what we need to do to get that up for Seattle.

Head Coach Chris Armas

On getting back to work after a win against RSL

It's good to get back to work with the group. Lots of good energy continues around here. Coming off a big win meant so much to our fans, our club, and quite honestly, the players. So we're right back at it, trying to improve and learn and keep looking more like the team that we want to become.

On the message to the team after the weekend

There's not one message. Today we took a close look at some different things, things we did well, and things that we want to learn from. So we're still implementing, we're still learning and growing. And part of it is that we're a new team. It's a new team, we're forming. And it's a new philosophy and playing style. So really, just reinforcing so many things that on the day, again, that we liked and things that we know we can get better at.

On retaining momentum heading into another road match

I think with our group, there's a humility, the way these guys show up and come to work. We'll talk tomorrow more about Seattle. Today it's about work, it's about competing. Again, it's more of a a staff, we try to stay grounded, but use the energy coming from this last game, and put it to work by reinforcing our principles and our behaviors.

On keys to securing three points in Seattle

The Seattle is there for us. For a long time, for me, they're a powerhouse in this league. They're a really good team. They're always well-coached. I think they keep evolving, Brian [Schmetzer] and his staff. They're a tricky opponent, especially in their building. It'll take a massive effort, it’ll take a team effort, it’ll take more of our guys out-competing and out-playing their guys. We have to win the battles on the day individually and then we have a chance collectively. But what will it take? It's a good question. There's a lot of things there. It's not one thing, it’ll be a lot of things that have to come together on the day but each day I look at a locker room full of guys that are hungry, and I call them winners. We will regroup, get ready this week and throw everything at it and we will go there believing we can win the game.

On Bombito's call-up to the Canadian Men's National Team

It's great for Moïse, and then in the end it'll be good for our club because he'll get these experiences under his belt. He's growing rapidly. We see him growing—the other night you could see his ability to move the line with [Andreas Maxsø], they're moving the line, there's the way they're shifting, putting out fires, his top speeds in games in the right moments, box defending. I'm really happy with him. I see a really strong mentality to come and get better every day. That's my messaging for young players, especially him as a relatively young professional, to become the expert at the basics. That's not always easy when he's a guy that has such a gift of ability to run and he's got good feet. He loves these little step overs and rolling the ball. So keeping him coming to work on the basics and grounded to be a good worker. That's the message for Moïse but man, we are lucky to have him. He's really a fun guy to coach around here. I love having him in the squad.