Play by Play: Rapids Earn Victories Over FC Tucson, LA Galaxy II -

TUCSON, Ariz. – The Rapids enter the team's scrimmage on Wednesday with a 4-0-0 record, not allowing a single goal thus far in preseason play. The club is set to take on FC Tucson and LA Galaxy II in two 40-minute halves.

The injury report for Wednesday is as follows:

  • Kellyn Acosta - International Duty
  • Braian Galván - Out
  • Jonathan Lewis - International Duty
  • Diego Rubio - Out
  • Sam Vines - International Duty

Rapids fans can follow the Live Blog below for real-time coverage from Arizona.

Play by Play: Rapids Earn Victories Over FC Tucson, LA Galaxy II -,%2012%2013%2048%20PM%20copy.jpg
Play by Play: Rapids Earn Victories Over FC Tucson, LA Galaxy II -,%2012%2015%2031%20PM%20copy.jpg


Today's Starting XI: Clint Irwin, Auston Trusty, Lalas Abubakar, Danny Wilson, Steven Beitashour, Keegan Rosenberry, Jack Price, Younes Namli, Cole Bassett, Michael Barrios, Andre Shinyashiki

1' - Aaaand they’re off!

3' - Tucson gets away with a handball at midfield, and he’s off to the races. Wilson chases him down and regains the ball.

5' - Rosenberry slips it through for Barrios in behind, he’s brought down, and it’s a corner. Price's outswinger is headed away. Rosenberry collects, and we reset.

8' - Good work on the press, Tucson can do nothing but launch it from their corner flag, and Wilson resets at midfield.

10' - GOAL - Rapids get caught pressing way high, and then Tucson gains possession in midfield. Two passes and a left-footed hit from the wing beats Irwin far post. Tucson leads 1-0.

12' - Trusty and Bassett combining up the left, Shinyashiki shimmies through the box, works it to Bassett and over to Barrios, but his hit is blocked.

17' - Shinyashiki plays it to Bassett on the left wing. He chips it for Rosenberry, whose volley bounces over the bar. Would’ve been a spectacular combination for Colorado.

19' - Shinyashiki chips it up to Barrios, and he’s in. Flies by Bassett, and Beitashour’s side footer is blocked. Really nice play from Shinyashiki to get Barrios in behind to start it.

Play by Play: Rapids Earn Victories Over FC Tucson, LA Galaxy II -

22' - Namli steals at midfield and he’s fouled within striking distance. Bassett and Namli line up to strike it as the Tucson 'keeper yells at his wall to not jump. Namli curls it to the near post, but the 'keeper catches.

23' - Tucson runner opens up space on the left. Another hit from 18 yards out is knocked of the park... given that this is an old baseball field and all.

26' - GOAL - Beitashour to throw. Shinyashiki turns his guy and runs up the line. He plays the ball across the box to Rosenberry, and he slams it home far post. Rapids equalize, 1-1. Shinyashiki beat his guy one-on-one, and Rosenberry made a perfect run. Shinyashiki has been solid today.

30' - Abubakar working his way into the box with the ball in open play, you love to see it.

31' - GOAL - Namli finds Rosenberry over the top, and it’s a corner. Price takes an outswinger, and, of course, it's Shinyashiki. He powers the header down and in. Rapids lead 2-1.

35' - Bassett shows skill, and he’s got acres of space. He plays a beautiful curling ball for Barrios, but it’s just beyond his reach.

36' - Price takes another corner. Trusty connects, but it skims over the near post.

38' - Tucson free kick on the left wing from 30 yards. Lefty kicks it in, and Price rejects him. Another attempt and Abubakar says no. Shinyashiki fantastic hold up play, and Barrios is away.

Play by Play: Rapids Earn Victories Over FC Tucson, LA Galaxy II -

40' - Rapids 2 | FC Tucson 1

Second half lineup: Clint Irwin, Auston Trusty, Drew Moor, Kortne Ford, Steven Beitashour, Collen Warner, Cam Wilkerson, Sam Bassett, Oliver Larraz, Nicolas Mezquida, Nicolas Benezet

This half, the score is reset, and the Rapids are taking on LA Galaxy II. The Rapids change from their practice grays to their burgundy kits to go against the Galaxy II's all-whites. 

1' - Aaand we're off. 

2' - GOAL - Quick as lightning. Warner slips it to Mezquida, and he finishes far post. Beautiful play. Rapids lead 1-0.

11' - Larraz looking strong in tight spaces off the bat.

12' - Moor makes a hard tackle and he's fouled. LA gets a yellow card.

14' - Deep ball over the top takes a short bounce over Moor, but Warner is there to clean it up.

15' - LA adds another yellow card.

18' - Larraz turns two guys and slips it to Benezet, but he’s offside.

19' - Wilkerson presses the 'keeper, the blast hits him, but it doesn’t go in. Solid effort, though.

24' - Benezet drives the box from the left and curls one to Mezquida, but it’s over his head.

26' - Mezquida lining up a free kick from midfield. He plays to Ford, and it rattles out for a goal kick.

28' - There’s a good ball over the top for LA and some dancing at the flag. More play up the right, and Ford heads it away at the far post. Trusty clears.

29' - GOAL - Warner with another good ball, and Mezquida sends his guy flying, takes a curler from the 18-yard box into the upper 90, far post. 2-0 Rapids.

Play by Play: Rapids Earn Victories Over FC Tucson, LA Galaxy II -


31' - GOAL - Warner hits Mezquida in the chest, he controls and fires. Now it's 3-0 Rapids.

34' - Moor an important header out for a corner for LA. The Galaxy player hits an inswinger, very high. Beitashour heads to safety and the Nico’s are off.

37' - Larraz with a deep switch to Benezet. Great ball. Benezet curls it for Mezquida and a glancing header gets a glancing save, but he’s offside.

40' - Rapids 3 | LA Galaxy II 0