Colorado Rapids

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment celebrates Women's History Month 2023, featuring Ciara Dargahi 


For Women's History Month 2023, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment is highlighting women across their organizations.

Get to know Ciara Dargahi, the Colorado Rapids' Assistant Athletic Trainer.

Please share a little bit about yourself, (hometown, where you went to school, how long you’ve lived in Colorado, hobbies etc).

I grew up in Saint Charles, Missouri, where I played soccer at Forest Park CC and attended Lindenwood University. I received my BS in Athletic Training and MS in Human Performance from Lindenwood.

What made you want to pursue a career in sports?

Playing sports growing up and going through quite a few injuries I was exposed to the profession of Athletic Training. The opportunity to truly be an advocate for athletes and their health and wellness both on and off the field brought so much passion for my job.

What does a typical day at your current job look like or entail?

I’m always on the move. Whether it’s getting things set up for practice like hydration and emergency care supplies or prepping guys to conduct evaluations to see if they have limitations or need to be removed for the day. I also complete any and all treatments and activation routines prior to practice. During practice, I’m always moving and keeping my head on a swivel, handing out hydration supplies and being there for any injuries that may occur, as well as helping out with return to play programming or modifications for our athletes making their way back in.

What are some of your favorite things or experiences when it comes to working in sports?

The people and places! Never did I think I’d work with so many amazing individuals; many times this includes their families and support systems as well. Work has also taken me some pretty cool places as well.

How important is it to see women continue to push past barriers especially in a male-dominated industry?

TAKE UP SPACE! I can’t say it enough. We are capable, we are qualified, we are valuable. It’s not always easy, there are plenty of obstacles that I come across still in my 10+ years of experience. Without our voices and experiences to push through these barriers there will be no change so don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit, not only for your seat at the table but the women following.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a woman in sports?

The women and girls that will come after me. Whether that’s their interest in Athletic Training or sports in general. When I hear that because they see me do it, they want to now as well. The response is always ‘Yes that and so much more!’

What advice would you want to share with women looking to break into the industry?

Take all opportunities. Your best ability is your availability. Yes, some are scary and there are always questions of ‘How are you going to make it work,” but you’ll never know until you try.