It's National Puppy Day!

If you have a bad day, puppies always knows how to make it better. It might be their personality that makes us chuckle, or it could be their loyal companionship that make us feel like we are our #1 fans. Either way, they always brighten our days.

In honor of National Puppy Day, we asked a few players to tell us why they love their canine friends and of course we could not forget pictures. Scroll down to see adorable photos of the players' furry friends!

Photos | National Puppy Day | March 23, 2018  -

Jared Watts and Salem

"We rescued Salem in Denver 4 years ago," said Watts. "She's part of the family. No matter who won the game or how practice was, she's happy to see me every time I walk through the door."

Eric Miller: Cooper and Otto

"Something I enjoy about my dogs is that Cooper is super chill and just wants to relax all day, and Otto is still going through his energetic puppy phase where he always wants to play. They're a great balance."

Photos | National Puppy Day | March 23, 2018  -

Photos | National Puppy Day | March 23, 2018  -

Dillon Serna and Howie

"I love Howie's personality, and that he likes to be and play outside," said Serna.

Zac MacMath: Mac and Leddy

Two things MacMath enjoys about most about his dogs? “How much they smell and how much they take up the bed."

Photos | National Puppy Day | March 23, 2018  -