Colorado Rapids

Q&A: Get to know SuperDraft pick Moise Bombito


After being selected at the No. 3 pick in the MLS SuperDraft, what was your initial reaction?

My first reaction was I just couldn't believe it, I and then I was hugging my head coach from UNH because he's a big part of what just happened to me. And I'm really, really grateful to have him.

What were you most looking forward to when you knew you’d be headed to Colorado?

What I know about Colorado is I know that the head coach is a center back and I'm really excited to get to work with him because I really want to learn from him because he's had a long career. So he's really experienced in the game and that's really something I'm looking forward to.

When did you first get the feeling of “I have what it takes to play in the pros” and make that your goal as a player?

I think it was a dream when I was super young, but it kind of faded away as I was growing up because I was not playing as much, I wasn't seeing any progress in my play and I felt like it wasn't a given. But I just kept believing in myself and started playing really well at 19 years old. And then I told myself, “Okay, there's, there's something there and I think I should go for it because if I really believe that I can make it, it's going to happen.” So I'll say 19 years old, that's when I really wanted to make it to the pros.

*What was your time spent with Seacoast United like and how do you think it will compare to being in an MLS environment? *__

After my JUCO season at Iowa Western my head coach from there, Mike Brown, just asked me if I wanted to play USL 2. Also, the coach from UNH, Marc Hubbard, wanted me to go there because he never saw me play before and he thought I should go there and said it's a nice platform for the next step. And I was not really looking forward to it because I wanted to go back to Montreal, I got homesick and I thought I should just get some rest and take for take some time for myself. But I just went for it and it paid off. I think I had a really good starting point. And people started to get to know who I was for what I was showing on the pitch and I also felt like it was a great fit because it was in New Hampshire and it was super close to the university. Yeah, it was it was awesome.

You had some of the kids you coached at a summer camp in your corner when you were drafted, what was it like to have them share that experience with you?

It was really, really fun to have them there. My summer with them was a rollercoaster because when kids are super excited they just move all the place, but when you're the coach you want them at just a specific place. They're a really, really fun group and I was really happy to see them there.

*Who is Moise off the pitch? What do you like to do in your free time? *__

Something I like to do is really listen to music and just take time for myself. Sometimes I play video games. I watch Japanese animes because I'm a geek, but I think that's fun. If you ask me who I am, I’ll say I'm someone who is outgoing when comfortable. I like to get to know people when I'm in my comfort zone.

We covered who you are off the pitch, but if you could describe who you are as a player in one word, what would it be?

I'll say that I’m pretty reliable on the field, as a center back you've got to be reliable because you're the man in the back, the guy who sees everything if you're not the goalkeeper. Let's say some right back, left back is having a hard time going forward and can't, you just have to be there for him and help him out. I think it relates to daily life, too. Because if someone has a problem, and he's struggling in life, and he just needs your shoulder to rely on you just gotta be there for him.