Rapids announce partnership with KultureCity to make DSGP sensory inclusive -

The Colorado Rapids have partnered with KultureCity to improve the club's ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory needs. 

What does Sensory Inclusive mean?

KultureCity’s Sensory Inclusive Program is designed to help guests with sensory needs like PTSD, autism, dementia, and strokes, feel welcome at all venues. With staff training, sensory bags and sensory signage, the program will help better assist that all guests are able to enjoy the event they are attending.

Sensory Bags

As part of the program, we will have sensory bags available for checkout at Guest Relations. The sensory bags include: headphones, fidget mesh, a fidget ball, a fidget tangle and a feeling thermometer. When someone checks out a bag, they will also be provided with a lanyard to wear, which will help our staff better assist guests with sensory needs.