Colorado Rapids

Recap: Bassett scores first Rapids goal of 2023, Colorado falls to Minnesota 2-1

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The Big Picture 

Minnesota United FC’s Luis Amarilla and Miguel Tapias each scored in the second half as the Colorado Rapids suffered their first loss at home since July of last year on Saturday night. Cole Bassett scored his first goal for the club since returning to Colorado from his loans in the Netherlands with Fayernood and Fortuna Sittard last season.


  • The Rapids lost at home for the first time since July 4, 2022. It was their first defeat to Minnesota at home since the Loons joined MLS in 2017.
  • Midfielder Cole Bassett scored his 14th MLS goal, his first since returning from the Netherlands. 
  • Forward Michael Barrios recorded his 250th MLS appearance and collected his 59th MLS assist on Bassett’s goal.  
  • The Rapids have lost after scoring the opening goal in the regular-season for the first time since July 24th, 2022, against Seattle Sounders FC.
  • Colorado has stopped the opposition from scoring a first-half goal in 3 of their 4 games this season. Only Nashville SC (4) and Seattle Sounders (4) have done this more often in the league this year.


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On the match:

“Not a whole lot to say, really. It’s a disappointing performance. We just didn't do enough to really threaten. We just weren't threatening enough. I felt like, especially in the first half, we had moments where we could have probably been more positive. But just overall, in the attacking part of the field, we just weren't dynamic enough and we didn't do enough to really threaten them. Credit to them, they played hard, they defended hard, they found opportunities and took their chances, but really disappointing night for us.”

On Diego Rubio’s return:

“I'm really happy for Diego [Rubio]. When I first came here, he was in the Chilean team and over the last couple of years, he's been out. But having the season he had last year, he got himself back involved and it's a really big statement that he hasn't played, he's been hurt, he's coming off surgery and he still gets called in. I'm really, really happy for him. Diego was playing incredibly well before he got hurt and I think tonight when you see some of the turnovers, it's just, he hasn't played in four weeks, and he's only going to get better, you know that. So, we're certainly excited about him coming back and him being ready.”

On the defensive improvements since the season opener:

“Yeah, after giving up the goals in Seattle the way we did, we've certainly addressed a lot of the mistakes that were made in Seattle and we seem to be doing better. So yes, I'm happy that we aren't giving up early goals because early goals change games for sure. I don't know if we've ever given up a lead and lost [at home], we did against Austin last year. Generally, when we score here, we put ourselves on the front foot and we do quite well. So, I'm pretty happy with the fact that obviously after that first avalanche of goals we came up in the first game, that we haven't done that since, but a big part of how well we defend is linked to how well we attack. And the better we attack, then the less defensive actions we have to deal with and have to make. And again, it's this consistency level where we have good moments within games where attacks are good and we can put the team on their heels and create some half chances or create some chances. But by the same token, if we turn the ball over in the middle of the field as we're opening up and expose ourselves, then it becomes difficult. So, I feel like we've definitely paid a lot of attention to how we gave up goals early, how we've been giving up chances, and you look through tonight for the most part, we didn't give up chances early on. And if our play is better with the ball, maybe we get something on the other end, score early and the game is somewhat different. So, it's all connected. So yes, I'm happy that we've addressed and we aren't giving up the types of goals we gave up against Seattle, but when you're still giving up goals and losing games, that's very small consolation.”


On the match:

“Tough one, man. First half, not enough urgency, not enough intensity to want to score, to want to create chances. I know the field is slow and it's not as easy as it looks to move the ball quick, but at the same time, we need just more from everybody in general of wanting to go to goal, wanting to play fast, move it quick. We're just too slow in general. Then we came out pretty well I thought, but then you give up a goal two minutes after you score and that completely kills your momentum. Not happy with that. It's technically two set pieces we give up and we work on those all the time. We'll have to look at it, but it's not one individual. It’s not single people’s mistakes, it’s a group as a unit, so we need to do better.”

On how multiple injuries are impacting the team:

“Yeah, it does, but at the same time, guys have to step up. We have a big squad for a reason. I think the coaches wanted that depth and competition this year so that guys are pushing each other for places. So, if guys are going down, other people's opportunities come about. You never want to see injuries, but I think all of us together when we have to step in for some of our big-time players, we have to do it in a better manner. But yeah, it does suck with the injuries. I don't know what it is. I mean, the fields have not been very good and I'm not using that as an excuse, but we've been training on bad fields and that field tonight was not very good either. But both teams have to play on it. It's not an excuse of why we lost, but guys are getting injured a lot and you do wonder why.” 

On scoring his first goal for the Rapids since returning from his Eredivisie loans:

“Yeah, I mean, it does give the team confidence knowing that we can score. We've had plenty of chances where we could have before this, but I mean, especially for me, monkey off the back. Getting the first one of the season is always nice and hopefully flows on from there. So, it gives me plenty of confidence going into Austin that I can continue to build on that or help set other people up if maybe they're coming towards me a little more, to see that I’m dangerous. I think the team is confident in terms of creating chances, but we’ve got to work on it throughout the week and just bury them. You’ve got to be ruthless, and I bet Robin [Fraser] will say that in his press conferences. There’re too many times where we're not being ruthless enough of just going one-versus-one and creating your chance and burying it. You need that especially as attackers, that's why you get paid the big bucks, you know, so we got to continue to do that.”