Tale of the Tape: Experienced MLS players Powers and Trapp will clash in the midfield

2017.06.01 Tale of the Tape

France and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry once said of Wil Trapp, after his New York Red Bulls played Columbus Crew SC in 2014: "I know (Federico) Higuain usually gets all the (credit), and their striker Aaron Schoenfeld will get credit because he scored two goals. But Wil Trapp was the key.”

Since that glowing praise Trapp, a Homegrown player, has twice featured for the USA at senior level. And, after being a part of the Crew SC team which lost to Portland Timbers in the 2015 MLS Cup, he was then active in 2016 in what turned out to be a disappointing year for the team.

This year, though, he has started all 15 games for Saturday's visitors, and managed two assists in the last three games.

Despite both making their MLS debut in 2013, out of the two, Dillon Powers has commanded more of a regular spot in his team. He has not scored since March 20, 2016, but still has the ability to play a key role in any attacking play, while sitting in a more defensive position these days.

Powers has made nine starts from his 11 appearances this season, and is beginning to build a good understanding with Micheal Azira.

Here we have two players who possess decent vision, and can spring an attack and, while there may be better flair players on either side, Powers and Trapp are pillars of consistency, with a touch of quality.

<img alt="" src="https://colorado-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/elfinderimages/Dillon Powers.jpg" style="width: 200px; height: 200px;">
<p align="center"><br><br><br><br><br><strong>vs.</strong></p>
<img alt="" src="https://colorado-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/elfinderimages/20_Wil%20Trapp.jpg" style="width: 200px; height: 200px;">
<p align="center">Dillon Powers</p>
<p align="center">Wil Trapp</p>
<p align="center">8</p>
<p align="center">20</p>
<p align="center">Midfielder</p>
<p align="center">Midfielder</p>
<p align="center">26</p>
<p align="center">24</p>
<p align="center">5'11"</p>
<p align="center">5'8"</p>
<p align="center">170lbs</p>
<p align="center">150lbs</p>
<img alt="" src="https://colorado-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/elfinderimages/USA flag.jpg" style="opacity: 0.9; text-align: -webkit-center; width: 75px; height: 50px;">
<img alt="" src="https://colorado-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/elfinderimages/USA flag.jpg" style="opacity: 0.9; text-align: -webkit-center; width: 75px; height: 50px;">
<p align="center">2013</p>
<strong>First joined MLS</strong>
<p align="center">2013</p>
<p align="center">5th&nbsp;season</p>
<strong>MLS Experience</strong>
<p align="center">5th season</p>
<p align="center">132</p>
<p align="center">108</p>
<p align="center">N/A</p>
<strong>Previous clubs</strong>
<p align="center">N/A</p>
<p align="center">The 2013 MLS Rookie of the Year, Powers will look to get back to top form in 2017. His creativity makes him a special player for the club. Great vision, great technique, and with two good feet, he has also shown great versatility in recent times.</p>
<strong>What they say …</strong>
<p align="center">The defensive midfielder is known for his incredible vision and passing ability, which allows him to ping long balls to his teammates all across the field. After a rough 2016, Trapp will look to prove he is still one of the brightest young stars in MLS in 2017.</p>