Let us be the first to welcome you to the new ColoradoRapids.com! We’ve streamlined our website in order to give you, the fans, the best experience possible. The site was built with mobile and desktop users top of mind in order to optimize your experience on any device. There are a lot of new features and fresh pieces of content, so let’s take a look!

New Video & News Organization

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If you take a look around our news and video pages, you’ll see that, in addition to being able to look through all of the latest news and videos we have available, you can also scroll through trending content and other relevant topics. This will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for - whether its international news, the latest episode of Elevate and so much more.

Refreshed Match Center

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We’re excited to provide a new, extensive web experience on gameday this season! When you click on any game on the schedule page, you will be taken to our new match center experience. These match centers will be built out with all of the information you need, from recent competition results, stats and more. In addition, we’re going to bring our Live Blog experience from preseason into the regular season. Check back on Saturday when we take on FC Dallas to find live commentary from our editorial team all game long!

Extensive Player Roster Pages

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If you’re looking for the latest information on your favorite player, check out the new roster pages. These pages not only have all of the traditional information you’re looking for, but also extensive statistics, the latest news on each Rapids player and more. The example above provides just a section of Cole Bassett’s bio or click here to explore his whole page!

What do you think about the new website? Be sure to share your feedback with @ColoradoRapids on social media, so we can continue to make your experience online the best that it can be!