The story behind the music | DJ Jen Jones | May 24, 2018

Music, much like soccer, is something that spans beyond race, religion and culture to unite communities around the globe. It gives people a creative outlet to express who they are, and for the Colorado Rapids' official DJ -  DJ Jen Jones, it was in her blood since day one.

Jones grew up in a house of musicians. Being the youngest of three kids, the Melbourne native naturally followed in the footsteps of her older siblings. Her brother was a DJ, her sister worked in a record store and her father, who kicked off the musical gene, played bass in a band. At an early age, it was apparent that Jones had an ornate gift for creating unique music herself.

"I would record mixtapes on my cassette player," Jones said. "Every weeknight I would wait for the Top 10 Countdown, so I could perfectly time the songs to record by pressing play and record at the same time!"

Her passion grew as she progressed into her teen years, and soon the school cafeteria became Jones' first live audience.

"As a kid, I was always on the internet downloading music," Jones admits. "My goal in life was to find the best tracks that no one had ever heard before, then burn them onto a CD so I could bring them to school the next day and play it for everyone on our lunch break."

At the age of 21, Jones packed her bags and left her beloved Australia to blindly pursue a career in Phoenix, Arizona. Not long after, opportunities came knocking on her door, but not without persistence. Jones signed with SKAM Artist, one of the country's leading DJ agencies as a Blackout Artist.

"SKAM is iconic and extremely respected in the industry. It was my goal to be on the label when I started DJing," Jones said. "I actually got rejected by them twice, but I never gave up. I just knew it wasn't my time and that I had to get better and try again. On the third attempt it worked, and I am now on the label. To me that was so fulfilling and the meaning of success."

Continuing her success, in 2016, Jones was chosen as one of the COPA America DJs to tour the country and DJ both games and Fan HQ parties. A path that would lead her to eventually get discovered by the Colorado Rapids.

In 2017, the Rapids invited Jen Jones out to DICK'S Sporting Goods Park to perform at the annual 4thFest celebration. To no one's surprise, Jones was a crowd favorite. 

"Nothing compares to the 4thFest! The vibe in the stadium that night is absolutely magical," Jones said.

Fans were immediately captivated by Jones' contagious energy and her ability to bring people to their feet with her mixes. Just a few months later, Jones signed her contract as the Official DJ of the Colorado Rapids for twelve home games of the 2018 season.

"Fans can expect the gamedays to be an experience," Jones said. "I want them to be able to enjoy the games from the moment they dance to their seats and build that excitement all of the way to kickoff."

Jones understands that an electrifying atmosphere and energetic crowd elevates the level of success on the field. Her one rule when it comes to DJing? Always bring the fun.

"The energy that builds is felt by the players on the field, so we want to involve our fans in bringing positive vibes to the game, to help build the atmosphere," Jones said. "I want this to translate to the players and get them revved up! Music is fun and coming to a Rapids match should be fun, so it definitely goes hand in hand. Expect to be out of your seat and screaming LET'S GO RAPIDS!"

Although life does not slow down for the bubbly DJ, she does it with grace and positivity. When she is not traveling around the world DJing or performing at Rapids games, Jones is in the studio working on music production, mixes and constantly creating new music. The next time you're at a Rapids home game, stop by her DJ booth on the North Terrace and get to know her. We guarantee she'll have you dancing and at the very least will leave a smile on your face.

"I am super laid back, so please come say hi and hang out with me! It would be awesome to have a little dance party at the next match."

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