eMLS League Series One | Recap | January 22, 2019

The stage is set - 9:15 AM MT

eMLS players arrive at the Esports Arena for the first leg of the eMLS League series.



Let the games begin - 12:20 PM MT

Rapids eSports player Connor 'Buck' Buckley started his first match playing against FC Dallas player AlanAvi. Throughout the day, each player from the Western Conference played nine games, while the Eastern Conference played 11 during the regular season. The top four players from each conference advanced to the eMLS League Series livestream event.



Buck joins the livestream broadcast - 10:45 PM MT

Buck sits down at the hosting desk during the eMLS League Series One livestream to chat with Cobi Jones about his connection to Greg Vanney (his high school coach) and share his analysis on the games.



That's a wrap! - 12:30 AM MT

Buck will be back in action in February for the eMLS League Series Two, which will take place in Dallas.


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