eMLS League Series Two | Recap | February 17, 2019

The stage is set - 7:30 AM MT

eMLS players arrive at the National Soccer Hall of Fame for the second leg of the eMLS League Series. Each player had an individual locker set up with a commemorative scarf. 



Practice makes perfect - 8:30 AM MT

BuckArmy gets some practice games before taking on his opponents. He's set to play a total of nine 'regular season' matches throughout the day.



Let the games begin! - 9:30 AM MT

Buck ended the day with a 4-5 record, falling just shy of the finals.

"I'm happy that we did end up beating the players that finished first and second place. We just need a little more consistency moving forward and we'll be fine," said Buck.



That's a wrap! - 8:30 PM MT

Buck sits in as a guest host for the eMLS League Series Two livestream. He will be back in action in March for eMLS Cup.


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