Workout Wednesday | Train Like the Rapids Team with Exercises from Head of Performance Chad Kolarcik

It's Workout Wednesday!

Every week, we'll be releasing a new recommended workout from our coaches, trainers and medical staff, and this week we have a total at-home body workout from Chad Kolarcik, head of performance for the first team. 

What You'll Need

The only “equipment" that you'll need is a suitcase filled with clothes to act as a dumbbell for the rows and situps, and a slippery surface with socks or a towel to act as the slider for leg curls.  Otherwise, you can do everything with just your bodyweight and a couch.

List of Exercises

Body-weight Prisoner Squat 12 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Single-arm Suitcase Row 10 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Incline Mountain Climber 12 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Rear-foot Elevated Split Squat 8 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Push-ups 12 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Side Plank 30 Seconds each Side 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Lying Leg Curls 10 2-4 60-90 Seconds
Straight Leg Sit-up with Suitcase Overhead 12 2-4 60-90 Seconds

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