Goalkeeper Clint Irwin Discusses Working Out, Striving for Routine Amid Quarantine

This isn’t how we expected the 2020 season to go, but Rapids players are doing the best they can to adjust to the cards they have been dealt and are doing what is necessary to keep the community safe.

Amidst the season suspension, caught up with goalkeeper Clint Irwin to hear about his workout routine and how he is coping with the COVID-19 stay-at-home efforts. What have your workouts been like at home?

Irwin: Yesterday we did a little team yoga session (over video chat) in the morning, which was cool, and then today we’re just kind of on our own running wise. I did a little bit of a lift with the equipment that the team gave us. I have a decent little set up in my garage, and then I’ve just been pounding the pavement in my neighborhood. How’d you get the equipment?

Irwin: It actually went very smoothly. I wasn’t quite sure how it would go just because who’s to think you’re going to be in a situation, where you’re distributing equipment to everyone to workout in our homes. But you know Chad (Kolarcik), Pete (Gorka), Sean O’Neill, the whole staff did a great job organizing everything. I just pulled up to the stadium, and they started loading up my car. They had gloves and masks on, everything was sterilized. So, it was really easy. They even delivered stuff to guys who were in different parts of the city who maybe couldn’t make it to the stadium. It went about as smoothly as it could, which is saying something in these times. How are the workouts different than they would be normally during the season?

Irwin: It’s a little bit more frequent, since we’re not on the field. I’m doing a little bit more running than I’d do during the season, if we were coming to the stadium every day. But, ultimately, it’s just a way to keep feeling ready and simulating the workout that we’d be getting. So, I’m thankful to stay fit during this time, and, hopefully, we can ramp back up quickly at some point.” What else have you been up to?

Irwin: A lot of cleaning. A lot of spring cleaning, all in one week. I organized the garage, organized the basement, we cleaned out some closets. Just some things that you kind of put off for a while, but now is a good time to kind of reset, try to get life a little bit more decluttered and straightened out and what not. Between that, a lot of Netflix, a lot of TV shows, just trying to stay engaged in some way. Similar to most people in that way. What message do you want to give to fans?

Irwin: I’m missing being out in front of you guys. We’ve seen all the support through the beginning of this year and all your support right now. Through this time, let’s stick together, let’s help one another, let’s think about our neighbors who are in need and think about the things we can do to help those around us, if you’re able to. We can’t wait to get back out there.


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