Kellyn Acosta Talks About Spending Time with His Son and Staying Fit During COVID-19

This isn’t how we expected the 2020 season to go, but Rapids players are doing the best they can to adjust to the cards they have been dealt and are doing what is necessary to keep the community safe.

Amid the season suspension, caught up with midfielder Kellyn Acosta to talk about what his life has been like during the stay-at-home order. He discussed how he's been keeping busy with his 18-month-old son and how he's working to stay fit and connected to the team. How have you been staying connected with your teammates during this time?

Acosta: We’ve been doing Zoom workouts, yoga, cooking, happy hour. We had a team video session, team workout, and then we have our WhatsApp group. So, we talk with each other pretty much every day, whether it’s banter or basic information. It’s nice to check in with the guys, see what they’re up to, and how they’re keeping sane in all this craziness. Is this down time advantageous in any way or just a setback?

Acosta: It’s kind of a mixture of both. Obviously it’s a setback in that we’re not physically hanging out with one another and working on things on the field, but we have to just take it as it is and move forward with it. Robin always stresses we just have to get on with things. All we can do is control what we can control. So, we need to move forward, and each and every day try and get better, and do what we can. What has your workout routine been like?

Acosta: Credit to the coaching staff for implementing good programs for us to do at home... I have a bike, some weights, dumbbells, mat - everything I need to get a solid workout in. For me, it’s just about going out and doing it to the best of my abilities and trying to get better each and every day... I do some ball work; I actually go inside the parking garage and do some ball work, so I’m not outside interacting with other people. I do some running outside sometimes, just so I can get my son outside of the house as well, at the track. Other than that, I’m inside the house doing yoga or our team workouts. What's your day-to-day like outside of workouts?

Acosta: When I’m not working out, I’m pretty much chasing (my son) around the house. We watch a bunch of movies, we eat random food, just kinda keep him busy and keep him happy. He takes naps, which is always nice. We build things. He has some legos that he likes to get a hold of, and he’s all about making messes. He pretty much destroys the whole apartment. We just have to clean up after him. So that’s pretty much a day summed up. How is it trying to keep your son entertained? Any tips for other parents?

Acosta: It's just trying to be creative. I built him a table that he can eat and color on, which is nice. He’s been coloring more. Pretty much, it’s just a loop every day. He watches his nursery rhyme stuff, he has some classes that he goes to via zoom, where he’s active and interacting with his classmates. Everyone’s just trying to adapt to the current climate, so it’s just trying to be as creative as possible and to make sure that he’s happy, healthy and not so bored... It’s tough being in an apartment. I bought a house, which should make things easier, so next month we’ll be moving into a house, so he’ll have a bigger space to play and hang out and do some things. But yeah. I think the zoom classes for him have been definitely helpful, for him to just interact with other people and see something different. It's something out of the norm. That kind of helps him. Are you excited for when this is over, and you can be back with your teammates?

Acosta: I’m so excited. I need it so bad. I just need to break away and get some space. Soccer’s just an avenue that I use to clear my head, and it’s something that I really enjoy. And, basically, my whole life revolves around it. So, when it’s been taken away temporarily, it’s tough. So, now it’s been about finding myself, finding some new hobbies, and spending more time with my family, which has been nice, but I’m ready to get back on the field and see my teammates and hang out. And then get back to work.


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