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Research shows that time spent interacting with nature improves our mental health by improving our happiness, bringing purpose to our world and even improves our relationships. This is something Denver artist, Pat Milbery, knows to be true from experience.

"I've never had a real studio. My studio has always been wherever my heart is happiest - and usually, that's outside." 

Inspiration from this year's kit came from Mother Nature herself and the uplifting energy she can bring to our hearts and minds. Shades of sky blue emerge through a geometric celebration of power and possibility. The golden and fuchsia accents are an ode to the sunrises and sunsets that grace our Colorado skies. The intention behind the design is simple: love. That is why Milbery included the small -- but very important heart -- in the lower left of the jersey. This heart was created to represent the love that unites us all.

The love of sport, love of our community, and the love we show ourselves when we remember that every day is a new day.

“I wanted the players to wear this jersey with the heart proudly because love unites us.  The love of sport, love of our community, and the love we show ourselves when we remember that every day is a new day.”


A Pro snowboarder turned street artist, Pat Milbery has become one of Colorado’s most prolific and beloved visual artists. Pat has a heart for connecting communities through art and has had the privilege to create some of the largest-scale, high impact public art installations in the country.  

Pat, his art and his relationships are powered by love, authenticity &  positivity. He believes that art should be created for a larger purpose and it should tell a story. He’s committed to telling the stories that matter - specifically around mental health and what is possible when we believe in ourselves, create authentic connections, & rise above what society tells us to do. 

Along with his sidekick, Tora - a lovable fourteen year old West Highland Terrier - Pat has painted large scale murals on four continents and has had the pleasure to collaborate alongside some of the world’s most renowned artists and strongest brands. His collaborations include work with Adidas, Budweiser, Southwest Airlines, The Ball Corporation, Coldplay, Kaiser Permanente, Visit Denver, Downtown Denver Partnership, Vail Resorts, Copper Mountain, Winter Park, VonZipper, Never Summer, Zeal Optics, Skull Candy, Dew Tour, GoPro Mountain Games, X Games, Red Bull, NHL, NBA, MLS,  and the World Federation of Snowboarding.

Much like his artwork, Pat exudes a colorful, abstract and imaginative optimism that is uniquely his own. The communities and humans that have the pleasure to engage with Pat are more beautiful for having his imprint upon them – forever touched by his spirit and his relentless passion to share his smile and make inspiring art accessible for all.

Follow his adventures @patmilbery on Instagram.