Jeff Plush

Welcome to the New

Dear Colorado Rapids Fans:

Thank you for visiting our brand new As you can see, we have given our site a completely new look and feel. I want to thank our supporters for their patience as we join the MLS Internet Network, a move that we are excited about being a part of, despite the challenges the launch has presented.

As many of you have seen, the launch of the new network of MLS sites has not been as fluid or as complete as anyone would have wanted. Putting aside the technical issues that caused many errors and lack of content, we are confident that in due time, our site will provide an improved and dynamic internet experience.

Allow me to give you a little background on where we have come from and where we are going with our digital platforms.

Over the past six seasons, we have managed our own website with the strong support of our parent company, Kroenke Sports Enterprises. We had many resources available to us that allowed us to provide fans with a comprehensive and unique site.

Last year, the decision was made and agreed to by all MLS teams and the League office to start a new MLS Internet Network. The goal was to raise the level of our digital platforms by combining resources, and in turn providing our fans with a fresh, dynamic, and interactive network of sites.

Today’s beta launch of the new is just the beginning; think of it as a soft launch. Over the course of the next few days, weeks, and months, we will be fine tuning and adding new elements to this site. In the interim, we will also keep our previous site live as we transition to this new platform.

As you click around this site, you will notice that the new is now an even bigger hub of news and information on the team. Fans will have access to original content, videos, photos, a match center, highlights, live video streams, podcasts, blog posts, polls, tickets, facebook and twitter updates, press releases, and much more.

You will also soon see the new interactive functions this website will offer, which will give fans the ability to post comments, links stories, and share content.

Finally, this new site will provide us a platform to cover our local soccer community, as well as provide interesting information on the sport from around the world.

Thank you again for visiting and for your patience as we get this site completely off the ground. Be sure to bookmark, to come back often, and to give us your feedback (

We look forward to your next visit to this site and to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.


Jeff Plush

Managing Director, Colorado Rapids