Cummings v Mapp 6-9-10

Smith: "It's a tough place to come"

Rapids Coach, Gary Smith:

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On the game…

“I thought by far, Chicago were the better team in the first half. I don’t think I’m saying anything too outrageous there, they had some good chances, and I thought Matt (Pickens) was inspired for us, in the first period. Made some very good saves, certainly kept us in the game. And, I don’t think there is any one particular reason, I think a couple of guys looked a little bit leggy, a tad tired. I’m sure they’re looking forward to their break, but nevertheless this group is good enough to get points wherever we go, and I thought the second half performance proved that. When we took a little bit more control, had some very good opportunities, and got a very good point in here. This is a tough place to come, and we deserve the point.”

On the team…

“The nice thing is that Conor (Casey) is going to start to find the net a little bit more, I thought his general play today was excellent. It was a very difficult first half for him, as I said, I think Chicago were by far the better team. I think his strike partner alongside him helped us in the second period. We looked to have a different edge to us, there was more energy, there was a bit more spark about our play, we looked sharp. But most importantly we were more competitive. In the first period, I think Chicago did exactly what they wanted. Controlled proceedings, and rightfully winning the break 2-1. The fact that we scored that late, the fact that we created as many opportunities as we did, would work, in the end, as preventative of them taking all three points. I think it is a testament, again, to the quality, the resilience and the determination of the group to want to come away and not get beaten.”

Rapids Forward, Conor Casey:

On the game…

“We didn’t have a very good first half, we came out and scored the first goal, which was good. But then had a couple lapses, and really, didn’t have much control over the ball. In the second half, we were able to bring a little bit more energy and create more chances. And in the end, be able to pull one back, late. So it’s a good point on the road for us to go on vacation.”

On the pass from Smith…

“Great ball from him (Jamie Smith), he came in late, and definitely added a spark, and great ball.”

On the team at this point in the season…

“Just working towards it, we were only one goal off. We had some chances and we let them go by, which is frustrating. But, in the end, we were able to pull it up.”

“We are on a little bit of a run, we’ve got some confidence. Today wasn’t one of our better performances, but the fact that we’re in every game, and it’s close, says a lot about where we are at right now.”


Saturday, September 16