FIFA States It Has No Plans for Implementing Video Instant Replays to Aid Referees

From -FIFA are intent on raising the standard of refereeing rather than using video technology as an aid for officials.

World football's governing body claimed today it would almost impossible to have the same level of technical support worldwide.

The debate for video referees was re-ignited by Bolton chairman Phil Gartside who said football should follow rugby league. He believes the modern game is played at such a pace that officials need assistance in making some decisions.

FIFA however insist the way forward is to improve the standard of refereeing.

A spokesman said: 'FIFA has always refused the assistance of video for refereeing matters.

'One reason for this is that it has not been possible to implement such technical means at a universal level.

'This point is particularly crucial as the same laws and conditions must apply worldwide so as to avoid that competitions such as the World Cup with about 800 preliminary matches around the globe become distorted.

'Rather than introducing technology FIFA's intentions are focussed on making referees more professional where they can devote additional time to training and recuperation.'


Saturday, September 16