Polish FA Announce Plan to Implement Usage of Video Replays for Referees

WARSAW Poland (Reuters) - Poland's football association (PZPN) will ask the sport's governing bodies for permission to begin trials of video replays at games in its top division a leading national daily reported on Tuesday.

Newly re-elected PZPN chief Michal Listkiewicz told Gazeta Wyborcza he would meet FIFA head Sepp Blatter in January in an attempt to gain approval for the experiment to be carried out in conjunction with the league's Canal+ television coverage.

The initiative comes just days after UEFA said it would set up a joint investigation with FIFA to look at the use of new technology to assist referees in response to proposals from Italy's soccer federation.

'FIFA is not likely to give approval to such an experiment in Serie A. But with us it would be possible. I will try and convince Sepp Blatter that FIFA should allow us to go ahead' said Listkiewicz previously an international linesman.

He said that while a permanent rule change by the game's international governing bodies to allow replays remains unlikely they may permit a trial.

But FIFA said permission even for an experiment was unlikely to be granted.

'If the Polish association wants to hold a trial it would need the International Board's approval. The board has consistently opposed such moves' FIFA spokesman Andreas Herren said.

Under the Polish proposals an extra official would oversee video monitors at the side of the pitch but any decision would be taken by the match referee who would have to run over to review footage.

'Chiefly we're talking about penalties and checking if someone dived or not. There's no chance of us using it to check every offside decision for example' Listkiewicz said.


Saturday, September 16