Rocky Mountain Cup Official Trophy to be Unveiled Before Kickoff Saturday Night

DENVER (C10 Official Press Release) — The Rocky Mountain Cup (RMC) competition will make history in a pre-game ceremony before the third meeting of the Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake.

Hundreds of fans came together and voted last March to bring the Rocky Mountain Cup annual competition into existence. Since then the Committee of 10 (C10) has been hard at work fulfilling the promise in the name: a cup trophy.

A critical element to the competition the trophy signifies the Rocky Mountain Cup champion for the next year.

The Cup itself was custom-designed and handmade in the highlands of Scotland before being shipped to Colorado. Local Rocky Mountain engravers added finishing touches and polishing.

"We knew the trophy had to stand the test of time said Mark Bodmer C10 member and trophy design coordinator. "It needed to be classic impressive and big enough for RSL fans to see from Colorado where it will hopefully make its home."

Until its official unveiling before Saturday’s battle between the teams exact details of the Cup’s configuration are being kept under wraps.

But fear not even fans in the cheap seats will be able to get a great view as the gleaming trophy measures more than 2 1/2 feet in height a fitting measure of the future success the Rapids will have in winning and maintaining the trophy!

For those not in attendance details and the first images of the trophy will be displayed online at the official RMC website Saturday night after the game.

"The trophy is fantastic said William Fisher a Rapids fan and C10 member. "And it's absolutely something the teams will be working hard to win and display in their state."

Since its inception last January fans of both clubs have embraced the RMC competition providing support with enthusiasm and hard work as well as their wallets. With support from both teams successful fundraisers ensured that C10 could have a fully custom-made trophy designed and created in just a few months.

"C10 wants to thank every fan who participated in naming the competition developing rules and finally in helping us raise funds for this magnificent trophy said the Committee of 10 chairman Jason Maxwell.

Maxwell continued: "This competition has been developed for the fans by the fans and your support has made our jobs easier. Participation is what will make the Cup a great competition for decades to come."

The Rocky Mountain Cup will be awarded to the winner of the teams' four-game regular-season series. In the first two meetings both teams were victorious at home with the Rapids maintaining the tie-breaking lead on aggregate goals. The fourth and final meeting of 2005 takes place in Salt Lake City on October 12th. is the official competition website run by C10 (the Committee of 10) a fan-based supporters organization dedicated to the intra-league rivalry between Real Salt Lake and the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer clubs in partnership with both teams.

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