Guppy post-game at Metapan_DL

Post-game comments after 3-1 CCL road win

Colorado Rapids Assistant Coach Steve Guppy
On the result:
"I’m worn out and I didn’t actually have to play. But it was a great effort, a great team effort, which is what we’re about. I said [earlier], it reminded me of how we won the [2010 MLS] Cup. The pitch wasn’t great, the conditions were difficult, just like Toronto. The togetherness and the team spirit came through once again. If I’m honest, I think there was a few doubters, and no one really expected us to get a result, but we did, actually. We thought we were sending a team strong enough to get the result, and we were proved right."


On playing several young players:
"I’m a big believer in youth, as is Gary [Smith], and the fact is sooner or later you’ve got to get your chance in life, and it’s up to you to take it. We all had it as players, someone has to show some faith in you, and then you have to deliver. That’s what we did tonight. Davy Armstrong made his debut for the club, and he was great. I was so pleased for him. Quincy [Amarikwa] has been battering away all season, and scored a fabulous goal. I could go on and on. Honestly, I’m so delighted for the players."
On the group that made the trip to El Salvador:
"Obviously we’re desperate to do well in this Cup, but we’re also desperate to defend the MLS Cup as well. So some tough decisions needed to be made, Gary showed some faith in me and honestly, I get my inspiration from Gary. He showed faith in me that I was good enough to take this group, and that’s what it’s about: it’s a team effort. We got the job done, and now we get ourselves back somehow… and then we go again against Dallas on the weekend."
On his role in preparing the players:
"I wanted the players to take ownership over this game, so I asked some of the senior guys to say some words, to motivate the players, and honestly, I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. They came up trumps, and I knew they would."
On his future as a manager:
"One thing I do want to add, though, is that I think as an interim coach, I coached two games tonight: hopefully my first, and my last. It’s far too stressful."


Rapids midfielder Davy Armstrong
On making his professional debut:
"It was a blessing. I can only thank God for helping me get this far. It’s a dream come true. When I took the field, I just kept telling myself to be calm, be composed, be happy, get joy out of it. So I tried to keep that going throughout. I did as much as I could. I thought I did well, I did okay."
On playing for his hometown team:
"It’s great. I got blessed to be able to stay around my family and everything, and it’s an honor to play here. My goal is just to keep my head down, keep training, see if I can keep improving and keep getting better."
Rapids midfielder Eddie Ababio
On making his professional debut:
"I found out at the beginning of the week, on Monday. [Steve] Guppy said I’d been playing well in training, so he’d give me an opportunity to make my debut. Of course I was nervous in the beginning, but guys like Tyrone Marshall, Wells Thompson, all the veterans, Omar Cummings, they just told me that I’ve been playing my whole life, just go out there to do what I can do, and always work hard."
On his goal:
"Stew [Ceus] made a save and got the ball out wide to Ross [LaBauex], he played a beautiful ball up to me. It was pretty much a counter-attack; I dribbled at the guy, Quincy called for the ball and I played a one-two off him. I saw the goalie off the near post and I chested it and laid it in the back post."
On his teammates claiming he was trying to cross on his goal:
"No chance! I used to play striker when I was younger, so it came natural. It was instinct."
On getting the result:
"It’s beautiful. We did this and got some momentum, coming up is the match against the team we played in the Cup. It’s good for the team and everyone."