The return of the Undercurrent...

It's Back!  The Rapids Undercurrent blog, which has been hibernating for the past year and a half, is being awakened and introduced to it's new home - here at (Here's the link to the old version).

We're hoping this new version of the Undercurrent provides somewhat of a more casual tone to compliment the more 'newsy' or 'official' news you likely come to this site for. It will still primarily focus on soccer, but hopefully add some non-Rapids content and maybe some off-the-field type of tidbits and even other sports.

Technology has continued to change since that first post back in 2008, and it seems everyone is now a journalist - or at the very least - a news distributor of some sort. We're taking a shot at being a central place to combine and share some of those web stories, videos, fotos, tweets, etc. You might even see some opinions or analysis here, be it by me or other Rapids staffers, or maybe even players or fans.

In reality, I don't know exactly in what direction this blog will go. But we'd like you to be part of this as it evolves. Give us your feedback, tell us what you'd like to see more of, or less of; what you like or don't like. Send us ideas, suggestions, or general feedback to, or leave them in the comment section. 

Here we go...welcome back!