Larentowicz's team takes the trivia challenge

Yesterday we told you about the competition the guys are involved in this week. It's an off-shoot of a game that Oscar was part of during preseasons with Dallas. In those days they called it Survivor, because the teams of two would be eliminated at every challenge. There are no eliminations in this Rapids version - only point accumulations, with the team that wins the most challenges taking the prize. As such, there's no name for this yet. Maybe you can suggest some?

Anyway, we realized we hadn't told you how the teams are split:

Pablo's team: Tyrone, Jaime, Eddie, Tony, Stew, and Brian.

Jeff's team: Ross, Scott, Ian, Davy, Kohei, and Luis.

Matt's team: Omar, Kosuke, Andre, Josh, Dillon, and Joel.

Drew's team: Marvell, Wells, Joseph, Steven, Quincy, and George.

The coaching staff made the teams, but on the first day each team had to select one player to trade to another team. Jeff's team traded Brian to Pablo's team, with Pablo's team sending Kohei to Jeff's team. Matt's team traded Steven to Drew's team in exchange for Joel.

As you see in the post below, Drew's team won the Header's competition. The next challenge was trivia, which took place during the team dinner.

Myself and our PR Director David Lindholm were asked to come up with a mixture of trivia questions. We thought that we'd be asking the same questions to the group, and which ever team had the most correct would win. But the coaches wanted the guys to have to call out the answers, knowing that when they'd get one wrong the other teams would laugh, etc.

Well, this presented a challenge for us. Now we were tasked with deciding which questions to ask each team - and of course, some teams felt cheated when they got questions they didn't know and others got easier one. We tried to make it even, asking each team a question about players from the Deep Thoughts videos, or Hawaii fun facts, or general sports trivia. But inevitably, even when we tried to throw a team a bone, they'd get the question wrong.

At the end, Jeff's team won it, answering correctly on all but one. Pablo's team took second place, followed by Drew's, and then Matt's.