Oscar Pareja talks to the NY media, March 25, 2012

Pareja takes responsibility for loss

Colorado Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja's post-game comments following the team's 4-1 loss in New York to the Red Bulls, the first of the season.

On today’s match:
"It’s a negative outcome; the first 15 minutes of the first half set the tempo for the rest of the game. We made some mistakes and New York was able to take advantage of them and make themselves comfortable. I believe we made a mistake with the game plan that we had on midfield, New York took advantage of this and as I’ve always said, me as the coach takes full responsibility for it. Throughout the game we tried different things to fix this and we were successful at times. When it worked we were able to create chances on goal, especially on the second half. The team reacted well but we still made some mistakes on defense, which led to the last two goals."

On the Rapids’ game plan:
"We came in expecting to play organized; we wanted to make it difficult on their midfield because you can control the outcome of the game this way. When we gave up the first goal, our guys had a natural reaction and wanted to do too much, when you react that way you tend to leave open spaces. We tried not to lose our composure and establish our game because it was so early in the game. It was a roller coaster kind of game, we maintained possession at times and created some good football, but when we made mistakes the Red Bulls made us pay for them."

On moving forward and the next game:
"There are a lot of areas we have to work on after a game like this. As a coach we have to look at what we did wrong and how we can improve on these areas. Without a doubt our maturity on defense has to be better than it was today, we have to pay more attention to detail, the team looked somewhat distraught at kickoff; not only because of the early goal. This is team is a work in progress and we have to keep on working. It’s easy when you win, we were coming off two consecutive wins but my message to the team is to keep on working, especially after tough losses."