Oscar Pareja post-game presser at Dallas

Pareja: "We came in and did our job"

Colorado Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja's post-game comments following 2-0 road win at Dallas:

General thoughts on the match:

VIDEO: Pareja following win at Dallas

"The second half, FC Dallas gave us a lot of difficulties. We couldn't put in more goals. Now it is a different game when you're playing a team with two men down, but I have to give all the credit to our players that came up with intelligence and patience and we put the things together. Scoring a goal is not easy when you put in a 4-3-1, which they did. The win was well deserved. Even when we were playing against their 11, we were a much better team than them."

On facing FC Dallas for the first time as an opposing coach:

"It's awkward you know. I spent 14 years here. But that's the profession. You just have to come in here and do the job. It happened to me as a player. Sometimes you have to go and play against the players you love, the team you love and the city you love. As I said it's a little awkward, but we came in and did our job."

On the offensive sub at halftime:

"This is the challenge that we have. When you have to play as one, it's normal. We were expecting to play a team that put two forward waiting for a mistake to come and run at us."

On playing against a team who is two players down:

"When a team is down two you want to score goals because you have two more players. That desperation can become a challenge, but we did a good job. We wanted to put in Conor [Casey] to put in two forwards to have more offensive moments. We did a good job even though they had nine guys. You know you still have to create options."