Conor Casey at DC
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Casey: "We can't keep dropping points"

Forward Conor Casey following the 2-0 loss to DC United at RFK Stadium.

On returning from injury:
“It felt good. It was nice to know I got 60 minutes or so. It was good to be out there. I was looking to get a good run in and sweat. Physically, it’s all positive. The minutes were good. I didn’t feel too bad at the end, so that’s good. I’m really excited about that, and getting back in the swing of it. Obviously the game didn’t go very well for us, but other than that, physically I feel good. I’m happy with the progress.”

On adjusting back to the game:
“It’s new. Obviously we’re doing it kind of on the run. Me coming in, they’ve been together for about 10 games or so. There’s a little bit of catch up, but it’s a work in progress. With where we’re at in the season, we’ve got to be able to adapt quickly because we can’t keep dropping points.”

On the loss:
“I thought we played OK in the first half. We had a couple half-chances that we didn’t put away. They got a counter goal; we made a mistake. Sometimes that’s how games go. We didn’t really find our footing in the second half, and it kind of got away from us a little bit.”