Jeff Larentowicz at DC
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Larentowicz: "Pickens made some very good saves

Midfielder Jeff Larentowicz following the 2-0 loss to DC United at RFK Stadium.

On the defense:
“I think that’s what didn’t go right: those two goals. Besides that, I thought we were pretty sound defensively. They had a few headers from set pieces and Matt [Pickens] made some very good saves. Other than that, we dictated the play most of the time, we just allowed two goals.”

On incorporating new players into the lineup:
“I think the coaches have to depend on the players that have been in there every week. That’s me, that’s Drew [Moor], that’s the guys that have been around for a while. At the moment, we’re not holding it all together. It’s difficult for the players coming in. It shouldn’t be difficult for us to hold it in together. At the moment, we’re not doing a great job on the road, we’re having difficulty scoring goals, but the season goes on.”

On Conor Casey’s return:
“It was fantastic [getting Casey back]. He’s a natural forward, he’s a natural player. He’s got tremendous skill on the ball, and that’s something we’ve lacked from the start of the year. I thought he did well tonight.”