Pareja: "We paid for those mistakes"

Colorado Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the team's 2-0 loss to DC at RFK Stadium.

On the loss:
“It’s not good enough when you end up losing a game. You can see the goals we gave up. Obviously we’re not happy, we’re disappointed, but that’s the way it is. We gave some options to D.C. and they have punch. We paid for those mistakes.”

On goalkeeper Matt Pickens:
“Matt is doing a good job. He’s doing his job.”

On Conor Casey’s first start back:
“Conor is in the process. He’s still in the preseason mode since he was out of the training. Now he’s getting back. Today we were planning on giving him a half, maybe a little bit more. He was up, supporting up top, and that’s important for the group. By the end, you want to keep him on the field, but we have a quick turnaround with a game on Saturday. We have to be progressive with Conor. It’s a process for him, and he’s going to need a couple games.”

On incorporating new players into the lineup:
“It’s hard to say how long [it will take to adapt]. We’ve got to adapt these guys into the team, and it’s a process for us. We’ve got to be patient with the new players and faces that come to the team, and it’s going to take a little while. I think this happened today already with the group, it helped and provided some depth. We hope the competition will give them what they need to be ready.”