Oscar Pareja post-game interview

Pareja: Character, personality, passion, and desire

Head coach Oscar Pareja's post-game comments on the come from behind 2-2 draw with Sporting KC after surrendering two early goals:

"We are trying to find answers as the coaches and players. Because what happened in the first fifteen minutes is unacceptable for us as professionals and we know that and the players know. Because our fans deserve respect and what happened in the first fifteen minutes is not fair for them.

But I have to see the other face of the game, and in that part, I have to be honest as well and I say that of all the points that we have gotten so far, I think this one has a big, big meaning for the team because it shows them a lot of character, a lot of personality, a lot of passion and desire. Something that they didn’t give up during the game, even though in the first fifteen minutes I thought we were in a big hole, a big hole, and we were trying to find answers with them. And they came out of the locker room and they found answers. I’ve got to give the credit to them. It’s a good thing to keep growing on, but obviously we are disappointed with the start of the game."

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