The Colorado Rapids starting XI for MLS Cup 2010.
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NOT this weekend's starting XI

Commerce City, Colo. - Coach Oscar Pareja knows that injuries are a part of sports. That's why he's been working to continue to improve the depth of the team and to build a roster that can withstand whatever situation may arise.

When the Rapids host Montreal on Saturday, Pareja will be without the services of at least eight players, all out with various ailments. But as he told last week, he won't use it as excuse to change his possession-oriented philosophy, and he is confident in the players he has to carry out the task.

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"Our credibility does not rely on only 11 players, but with the entire roster," coach Oscar Pareja said. "I expect the players who replace those who are injured to take advantage of their opportunity to be in the starting 11. It's not easy. We have important players that are injured, but I will be the first to show confidence in the players who are playing, and they have to do just as good a job, if not better."

Here's a diagram of who is unavailable due to injury as of May 24, 2012:


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