Rapids starting XI vs Chivas USA
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A look at the roster: June 28, 2012

Commerce City, Colo. - With the recent addition of Shane O'Neill, removing Jamie Smith from the Disabled List, and the waiving of Kohei Yamada, Quincy Amarikwa, Ross LaBauex, and Eddie Ababio, here's how the Colorado Rapids roster looks as of June 28, 2012:


Goalkeepers: Matt Pickens, Stew Ceus, Ian Joyce

Defenders: Drew Moor, Kosuke Kimura, Hunter Freeman, Marvell Wynne, Tyrone Marshall, Scott Palguta, Luis Zapata, Davy Armstrong

Midfielders: Jeff Larentowicz, Wells Thompson, Martin Rivero, Jaime Castrillon, Jamie Smith, Shane O'Neill, Brian Mullan, Kamani Hill, Harrison Henao, Pablo Mastroeni, Joseph Nane

Forwards: Omar Cummings, Tony Cascio, Conor Casey, Edu, Andre Akpan


  • Teams are permitted a maximum of 30 players eligible to play, of which 20 count against the MLS-imposed salary budget of $2,810,000  (Senior Roster).
  • Spots 21-30 do not count against the club’s salary budget. Clubs may elect to leave up to two of these roster spots vacant and use $35,000 for each empty spot as allocation money (ie, for players on Senior Roster).
  • Teams may place injured players on the Season-Ending Injury List or Disabled List (minimum six-games) when they have another player to replace them, and provided the team has budget space.
  • Defender Anthony Wallace was placed on the Season Ending Injury List prior to the first game of the season (torn Achilles) and was replaced by Luis Zapata.
  • The Rapids currently have 21 players on the Senior Roster and six on the Off-Budget roster. Two Off-Budget spots are unavailable per the above note.
  • All players waived this week throughout MLS are placed in a Waiver Draft; teams may claim players according to their draft order, based on points per game, by Friday at 3 pm MT. The Rapids currently have the 6th selection.


June 27, 2012
Secondary Registration Window Opens
July 1, 2012
Semi-Guaranteed contracts become Guaranteed
July 27, 2012
Secondary Registration Window Closes
September 14, 2012
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