Oscar Pareja post-game

Pareja's message to players: Keep your heads up

Colorado Rapids coach Oscar Pareja following the 1-0 home loss to Vancouver:

General thoughts on the game:

"We have the initiative and then that’s the game. The game is just… the result comes on a play tonight like, it was a mistake. And then Vancouver is a team that can organize in the back. And we knew our job is to score and create a lot of options and have the initiative all the time. And you feel at the end of the game like what’s missing? But I believe in these guys and they are doing their job and trying to play the way they have been. And we’re just waiting, we’re waiting. Last game we scored three goals and today we could not, and that’s what gives you points. So the answer is that’s the way the game is. You have to score goals to get the points, otherwise it’s difficult."
On the offensive performance:
"We created options all the time. And in the first half we had probably eight or nine times where we were dangerous and creative, and then suddenly the game just put us in a bad situation and an unfortunate play for us. And then you’re waiting for that last touch, that last final pass and be sharp in the back and score a goal, and they’re a team that just drops and waits. And that’s the way it is, I have said this before everywhere. We take now the pain of not getting the result against a very important rival. And it hurts, but the boys worked hard and they gave what they had. And I think the people who were in the stands that came out tonight for this special day recognize the effort of the boys. They gave what they had and unfortunately we couldn’t score."
On the message to the team after the game:
"I want them to keep their heads up. That’s what I want. I want it because there are 17 games to go still and they’re doing the right things. We didn’t put the ball in the back of the net today, and we missed a lot of chances. It was that final touch that could have changed the story of the game but they did all they could. And they moved the ball, they worked hard and they got the ball back quick. I say that probably we could have moved the ball quicker. But all these positive things I have to let them know that they did it. because sometimes you come blind and say you know we lost, but as negative as it is – losing at home against Vancouver – I’m going to tell you they did a lot of good things today that we have to build on. This is our team, this is my team, and they gave us everything they had."