Drew Moor vs Montreal
Garrett Ellwood / Colorado Rapids

Moor: "We just gave up another couple of bad goals"

Team captain and defender Drew Moor following home loss to Dallas:

On the first goal:
"The first one it was one of those where the corner kick was just kind of a half clearance. We stepped up, but some guys didn’t follow their man and left the guy wide open, and he’s one of the smallest guys on the field and he heads it in. You’ve got to stay marked, if it’s a half clearance you’ve got to stay marked and we weren’t marked up. It’s just accountability, that’s winning your one-v-one matchups."
On the concentration of the back line:
"I don’t think the first one was a lack of concentration in the back, I think it’s whoever’s man scored wasn’t marking him. The second one was a break, I think we got caught on the wrong side of the first guy that got the shot off before I headed it away. Luis [Zapata] might have thought he was offside but he caught the wrong side of his man and that causes us problems. Whether that’s a lack of concentration or not we just gave up another couple of bad goals.

But it’s the same old story, I’m tired of it, and I know these guys are tired of it. We’ve got to put this behind us. It’s not time to get frustrated. And as easy as it would be and as much as everybody wants to be frustrated, it’s a big week and we’ve got to try to put this one behind us and learn from those mistakes that we made."