Oscar Pareja from sideline against Dallas
Bart Young / Colorado Rapids

Pareja: "It is frustrating, but we cannot lose our heads"

Colorado head coach Oscar Pareja following loss to Dallas at home after taking the lead:

On five losses in the past six games:
"Now we need to get results and get things done. In a game like tonight, it’s probably a reflection of what has been happening in many of the games. We do a lot of good things, but then we don’t finalize the job and then that happens. It is frustrating, but we cannot lose our heads. I don’t want the group to lose their heads, because it’s a fragile moment when you don’t get results, and you’ve got to keep going."
On giving up a lead at home for the second time:
"Obviously, this one hurts a lot because the guys were coming out of two hard games and they didn’t get the result. And now they put the game up 1-0 and then have options, but then you have to have that killer instinct and get things done. And we didn’t, we let the other team react and we gave up two goals on a lack of concentration, and that’s what it is. The game is a whole thing, not just doing it for some parts and for some moments. It’s 90 plus minutes and we end up just paying for it."
On which of the two goals against was most frustrating:
"I’d say both of them honestly, but the first one is a ball that we discussed during the week. Because it happened in Seattle, we don’t clear the ball and then it comes in a second ball and we don’t pick our guys. That frustrates me, but as I say it’s difficult and I don’t want them to lose their heads. I want them to be on their feet and I know it’s hard, it’s a very difficult moment, but we have to stick together. This is a moment where we’re going to see who really wants to be here."
On Shane O’Neill being on the bench:
"Shane has been working very well with the first team and we decided to sign him. Now we want to get him closer to the team and I was hoping that today we would have the opportunity to play him but he is doing a lot of good things."