Pareja: "Two big mistakes that ended up killing us"

Colorado Rapids coach Oscar Pareja following the 2-0 loss at Salt Lake:

On his opinion of the game...
“I just had the feeling that we had seen this game before.  It was a solid performance from our boys but in the end it was just two big mistakes that ended up killing us. We showed a lot of character but the same mistakes have killed us in these last couple of games.”
On the team’s five consecutive losses…
“We’re not going to feel defeated after this game.  A lot of guys that usually don’t have a lot of playing time played very well today.  There are some things that are improving but at the end of the game, we need three points.”
On the last 15 minutes of the game…
“We were attacking and had some good chances but I think our team just got a little tired towards the end. The match got really tough in the end and we were showing a lot of patience, but we could never find the goal we were looking for.”

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