Swansea manager Michael Laudrup at press conference

Swansea manager Laudrup: "Was important match to see all the players"

Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup's comments following the exhibition match against the Colorado Rapids.

On initial thoughts of the match:
"I think two different halves. First half we had some problems. I think we played a little too slow, too many short passes. They scored two goals; the second one was a fantastic goal. I think we were struggling in the first half, second half [was] better. I think [we had] more speed, more pace and position play.  Three or four good passes could have scored a goal, another one at least. I think it was a very important game for me to see all the players, except one of the youngsters. The 20 other players and goalkeeper I saw today, and that was very important for me."
On what he can take from this match:
"I think that’s why we are here [to learn from the match]. I wanted to come here open minded to see some of the players I saw a lot from the games last year and others [that played] less because they didn’t play so much. I just wanted to see them with my own eyes in games here, that’s what we’ll do here. That’s why everyone played 45 minutes, and we will do the same in the next game on Saturday."
On playing in Colorado’s conditions:
"The temperature was okay, maybe a little hot, but I think the altitude you could see that the ball was coming very fast, you have to get used to that. I think it was a good game for me to see."
On De Guzman’s free kick:
"It’s good always when you are a new player, and you come and you score. I think apart from the result, it was a good game for me."