Matt Pickens vs Seattle
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Pickens: No excuses, we have to be better

Colorado Rapids Goalkeeper Matt Pickens following the team's 2-1 home loss to Seattle:

On solving the losing streak:
"We need to be part of the solution. We need to look ourselves in the mirror, plain and simple. We’re the only people that are going to be in this locker room to get it done. He’s [head coach Oscar Pareja] behind us 100 percent and he takes losses on the chin for the most part. We’ve got to do better. How we’re going to do that is we are going to get back on the field on Tuesday and work hard. Like I said we need to look ourselves in the mirror and come back refreshed and try to get every point we can out of the rest of the season."

On how to solve the momentary lapses:
"I don’t know what it is. If I could put my finger on it, I’d do it. We’re all, we’re ready we’re ready we’re ready, and then we’re not ready. Like I said every player on that roster has got to look himself in the mirror, including myself. We’ve just got to keep clawing. Like I said, we’re the only people, in this room, that can get it done and we need to be part of the solution."

On where to go from here:
"Back on the field and keep working. Where else are you going to go? We’re in this. We’re not going to be overhauling this locker room and brining people in at this point in the season. We’re the people that are going to be doing it. If we want to be here to do it, jump on board, if you’re not, stay home."

On Eddie Johnson’s goal:
"We know Eddie’s [Johnson] is a good guy in the air and he’s one of the guys that we’ve got to look out for. [Mauro] Rosales put a good ball in to the near post for him to get as high as he could to get on the end of the ball. Hats off to them. We’re down 1-0, 1:30 into the game and it’s pretty pathetic. We need to be better. We need to look ourselves in the mirror, like I said. There are no excuses. We’ve seen it before, we’re seeing it again, and we keep seeing it. Like I said, we’re the only people in this room that are going to be able to change it."