Pareja: It was a tough loss

COLORADO RAPIDS HEAD COACH OSCAR PAREJA   On match: “It was a tough loss. When you are in the position we are in, you need to play flawless in order to win, which is always tough to do in this league. We aren’t playing very tactical right now and it showed in that second half.  We are not getting the results at the moment, but all we can do is look forward to the next match, tighten up tactically and get three points to make up some ground in the standings.”   On current standings: “This is a group in transition and as a result we haven’t found our championship form. Like I said, we aren’t playing good soccer right now, and we had to have our best game tonight against the league’s top team and we fell short. If we are going to salvage the season, we need to improve and make adjustments immediately and sustain that play for the last two months of the season.”


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Saturday, July 1