Freeman: Dominate, have chances and don’t find a way to win

Colorado Rapids right back Hunter Freeman following the 1-1 tie with the LA Galaxy:

On thoughts when he got the call to start:
"I was really surprised to be quite honest. In training all week, I hadn’t really been with the starting 11, but that’s our job, to be ready when our number’s called. Of course I was excited to be in there, even though I was surprised, and I was confident in what I did. This game played into my hands a little bit. There was a lot of space wide, and going forward, especially in the first half. Unfortunately we didn’t get the victory, but I thought my performance was good, and I thought the team’s performance was good, besides maybe leading up to that first goal. It’s just the way of a lot of games we’ve had here: dominate, have chances and don’t find a way to win. It’s same old, same old and it’s still frustrating."
On LA closing down the space in the second half:
"They like the kind of cheat a little bit. They like to leave their four guys high. [Mike] Magee wasn’t really tracking me back, and I think that’s what was causing problems. In the second half, I noticed when I started going forward, instead of him being even with me or I was behind him, he was always in front of me. I still had a couple chances, but I think they made some adjustments in the second half."
On his performance tonight earning him a spot:
"I hope so, you’d have to ask the “big man” [Oscar Pareja]. Every time I get on the field, I try to be confident in what I do, and contribute to the team however the game plays out. Tonight I thought, especially in the first half, it was a good game for me to go forward, which I think is one of the better things I do."
On what he saw on the goal:
"I intercepted the ball just inside our defensive half and had some space. they were obviously committing numbers forward. When I intercepted the ball, Conor [Casey] was doing a great job of showing as a target. I played it into him, and just continued my run. He took a few touches, played it out wide to me and there was a lot of space to whip the ball behind the back four, but we didn’t really have guys in positions to get onto it, so I just tried to drive the ball deeper and cut it back across the box and Jaime [Castrillón] was there making a late run. He’s gotten off the end of a lot of my crosses, so it wasn’t really a surprise."