Oscar Pareja gives instructions at Dick's Sporting Goods Park
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Pareja: We were much better than LA today

Colorado Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja following the team's 1-1 home tie with the LA Galaxy:

On getting the tie:
"We knew that we had quite a few options that were cleared in the second half. We have a couple of others as well that couldn’t bounce in, but I think the team was solid and we should have gotten the three points."
On the team’s performance tonight:
"The boys are, and I have said this numerous times, the boys always give us what they’ve got on the field and despite of the frustration that we have during the season, they face every game with a lot of pride and energy. Today was no exception. I saw players fighting and trying to get results. I thought we were much better than LA today. And I don’t want to talk too much about it, but I saw a PK as well. But it’s what we’ve got during the whole season. But definitely I have to highlight that I thought our boys were the best team on the field."
On Hunter Freeman’s performance:
"Because we wanted to have some outlets on the right and defensively Drew [Moor] helps us when we’re going away, especially defending. But Hunter brought us a lot of energy on that side. As a player he crosses the ball a lot and does it very well. So I was very happy with the production that Hunter brought us today."
On his outlook for the rest of the season:
"I am very optimistic. I think I said at the beginning that this is an ongoing project and we don’t want to use that to excuse ourselves when we don’t get results. But definitely the team is looking good and I’m happy with their showing. Obviously we need to get better and we have three more games and I know this is a professional staff that we have in our locker room. We don’t quit; we keep pushing for the points."