Hendry Thomas battles Switzerland's Stephan Lichtsteiner at the 2010 World Cup
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Thomas happy for Honduras national team, aims to return

On Tuesday, Honduras soundly defeated Canada 8-1 to win Group C in the semifinal stage of CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying to advance their their second straight "Hexagonal." They join the USA, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama in the final round - which will be played in 2013 - and in which the top three teams will earn automatic berths to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Colorado Rapids midfielder Hendry Thomas has earned  38 caps with the Honduran national team since making his debut in 2005, and represented his country at the Beijing Olympics and 2010 FIFA World Cup (above against Switzerland). We caught up with him to get his thoughts on Honduras' advancement, and his desire to return to his national team.

What was your reaction on Honduras reaching the Hexagonal?

"I'm really happy that we achieved that step, but also a bit surprised by the big score. But I think everything went right for Honduras and that was important to make it such a broad result."

What is about Honduras that the national team programs continue to find success?

"I think Honduras has come from less to more. I think the Honduran player has continued changing his mentality, realizing that he should always want more. I think that has been important for Honduras to continue gaining triumphs. Hopefully the group can continue like this and can go even further."

Do you watch the semifinal games, in particular the match against Canada?

"Yes, I watched the match. When I'm not with the team I'm always trying to watch it on TV. So I was their supporting them and happy for the win."

Do you miss not being with the team ?

"Honestly, the players that are there today are the ones that are in the best form. I'm going from less to more. I'm working hard, first to find successes in Colorado and then I think the rest will come. I think that when you're well and in optimal condition then the possibilities with the national team will be there. I hope that when that day comes, to be able to take on that role and be able to stay like I have always done with the national team."

So it is a goal of yours to return to the national team?

"Without a doubt. I always have goals, and that is one of my goals. But first things first. I want to have success and reach big things with Colorado, and the rest will come easily. Without a doubt I want to be with the national team. Being on national team is the ultimate for a player. And so one has to be, if possible, at 200 % to be able to give the most."