Stew Ceus earned his first career clean sheet vs Chivas USA, Oct. 20, 2012
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Ceus: Clean sheet, win a confidence boost

Goalkeeper Stew Ceus earned his first clean sheet in his first MLS start as the Rapids defeated Chivas USA 2-0 at The Home Depot Center:

Thoughts on first MLS start:

“Getting my first game as a start and coming in with a clean sheet is definitely huge. It’s a big boost in confidence to come out with a clean sheet and win today. Pretty much every game is nerves and by the time you touch the ball one time it’s natural, the nerves go away once you touch the ball. We just had to control what they were coming at us with and be ready to start attacking when we had our chances.”

On the team’s attitude going into the season finale:

“We came and we worked hard all week. Playoffs aren’t in sight but we have a lot to play for and we’re continuing to play hard and show what we have for the next game and for the year to come."

Were you nervous going into the game:

"Pretty much every game there's nerves, and by the time you touch the ball one time, it becomes natural. The nerves go away when you touch the ball."

On the play of the defense:

"They played really well. The communication was good in the back, they kept the lines tight, and we were able to control whatever was thrown to us."

Thoughts on the win and moving forward:

“For the team it’s a huge result, every win is a big win. It’s good to carry positive momentum going forward. Going into the season finale, I know it’s Fan Appreciation Day so we’re going to go out there and play our hearts out for the fans that have been coming out and supporting us day-in and day-out through thick and thin.”