How the Rapids Man of the Match is selected

I am new to the soccer world. This is my first season with the Rapids and I showed up in Colorado with minimal knowledge of the sport. I credit a friend in Houston for introducing me to English Premier League soccer and carving a space in my heart for Everton (I have an unnatural attachment to underdogs) - but a lot of this MLS experience is completely new to me.

One of the most intriguing elements of a soccer game is Man of the Match. Following each home game, the Rapids Man of the Match visits the Summit Club Powered by 2lemetry where he answers questions regarding the match and greets fans. He then heads to Eighteen76 (formerly known as the Cantina) to sign autographs and chat with fans. As a fan, it’s a great opportunity to meet one of your favorite players. Everyone, including me, wants to know how the decision is made.

Here's what I found out: Each game, a small panel of Rapids staff votes on Man of the Match. The decision takes into account much more than goal scoring or saves, in the case of the keepers. The panel looks at a player’s overall impact on the match. In that sense, it has been described as a very subjective decision. There’s no formula, no science. It’s all art, and as such, it is always open to debate.

The Man of the Match in the win over Toronto was goalkeeper Clint Irwin (see above). Let me know who you would have picked as Man of the Match on Saturday in the comments below or on twitter @TamaraCG.