FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced Qatar to host 2022 World Cup_DL

Commentary: Shame on FIFA President Joseph Blatter

Scratching my head at the man at the very top of our beloved sport, Mr. Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, the long-standing president of FIFA (soccer’s governing body).

Two weeks ago, Robbie Rogers joined the Galaxy and – in doing so – became the first openly gay player in MLS. His inspiring story is common knowledge. Admitting you’re gay in the macho world of soccer is rarely done, and is it any wonder when you have buffoons like Blatter.

When Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup in December 2010, dinosaur Blatter advised gay fans to “refrain from sexual activity.” (Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar). His comments triggered widespread criticism, and he later apologized.

But just last week Blatter insisted Qatar’s stance on homosexuality is a “moral and ethical” issue. This from an organization that has recently implemented new measures to tackle racism and other forms of discrimination.

Teaching tolerance, championing inclusion and addressing discrimination are all spewed by Blatter and his cronies at FIFA – as long as in doing so, it doesn’t offend the wealthy.

Shame on you FIFA. Respect to Robbie and big props (I think that’s what you say) to MLS and their right-minded folk.