Drew Moor
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Drew Moor: We have to start better than we did tonight

Colorado Rapids Defender Drew Moor following the 2-1 loss to San Jose:

On some troubles, defensively:
"If I think about the game, they didn't have a whole lot of chances other than the two goals and a couple of chances late in the game when we were pushed forward, trying to find the tying goal. The two goals were just bad goals to give away. Unfortunately, it reminded me a little bit of last year. To be fair, both goals were taken well by San Jose, but we need to deal with the goals better than that, and we need to start better than we did tonight."
On if he saw the red card:
"Not really. There were a couple of bodies in my way. Again it was a physical game. It seemed like a hard tackle, but I really can't comment on that. I haven't seen a replay yet either so I can't comment much on it."
On the positives from the game:
"You definitely want to try to take any positive you can after a loss. Unfortunately we started to play well after we already dug ourselves a little bit of a hole. We want to play that way from the start. That was Oscar's biggest thing in his postgame speech. You can't wait 20 minutes into a game, and you can't allow a goal to get yourself going. You have to from the start. It's a long season. It's not going to happen every game, it's not going to come naturally every game, but you have to dig deep and you have to find a way to start better than we did tonight."