Nathan Sturgis: Disappointing part was just how we started the game

Colorado Rapids Midfielder Nathan Sturgis following 2-1 home loss to San Jose:

On what the breakdown was tonight:

"I think the only disappointing part for us was just how we started the game. Up until giving up that first goal and the red card, I don’t know exactly what it was but we just didn’t come out very sharp and we got punished with giving up a goal and getting a red card and that kind of put us in a hole. I think after that we played pretty well and overall we can be pretty happy about that besides giving up the second goal. I thought we were playing pretty well and created some good chances. I thought we created enough to get at least one point out of that if not to win."

On his goal:

"Somebody got it wide to Brian [Mullan] so I just tried to make a run into the box. He sent in a great ball and I found some space and it fell to me so I put it in."

On the focus for next week:

"I think we just have to take the mentality that we finished that game and bring it into the start of the next game. I think if we do that we’ll be fine and we’ll get something out of our next couple road games if play like we did in the second half."

On being prepared upcoming games against Chicago and Portland:

"We’ve got two tough games coming up. A lot of travel, not enough rest. We’ll have to hydrate, take ice baths, relax, and try to stay off our feet, and just try to get all the work out of our legs and be as refreshed as we can. It’s definitely a quick turnover but we’ll be ready to go."