STH of Match - Raphael and Colton Horton
Courtesy Horton Family

Marco's STH of the Match: Raphael and Colton Horton

As part of their benefits package, all Full Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to be the featured Season Ticket Holder of the Match in 2013. 


Raphael and Colton Horton will be recognized as Colorado Rapids Season Ticket Holders of the Match when the Rapids host New York on July 4 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

How long have you been a Season Ticket Holder?

Colton: "This is our first year as we just moved to Denver last summer. We feel really lucky that we live so close to the stadium and can make it to all the games.  Following the Rapids this season has been a lot of fun."

Who is your favorite player on the Colorado Rapids and why?

Colton: "Martin Rivero is my favorite player. I was able to meet him through the Rapids 10's program which was great because he signed my shirt."

What is your favorite Colorado Rapids memory?

Colton: "When the Rapids won against the Chivas this year because it was an exciting game and the Rapids were able to win. We were sitting behind the goal and got to see a lot of great plays and close calls."

Who is your favorite team outside of MLS and why?

Colton: "Brazil is my dad’s favorite team. During the World Cup in 1994 he was able to go to many of the games. My mom and him met the night Brazil won. They are celebrating their 15th anniversary on July 4th and hope to go to Brazil next summer for the World Cup."

How did you fall in love with soccer?

Colton: "I started playing soccer when I was 4. My dad has always followed soccer so we watch it on TV a lot. I can't remember not playing, watching or being a part of soccer. It is my favorite sport."

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