Oscar Pareja on July 4 win: Today it all came together

Colorado Rapids Head Coach Oscar Pareja following the 2-0 win over NY on the 4th of July:

On the game:

"There are a bunch of little things that are getting better. The young boys are maturing. We expect progression from them. Sometimes you have to deal with not having the best performance, but these young boys are getting some maturity. Being more consistent in the middle, we're getting more control of the game. And defensively, today was great."

On the second half versus the first:

"In the first half, we wanted to control the tempo. We wanted a continuation of the good job the boys did in Montreal. To have control, to have the ball. In the second half, we bet that bringing in Deshoren would stretch the other team and get us a bit more speed. So we took Nick out and tried to get somebody who could help Edson in behind, and I thought it worked well."

On Chris Klute's performance:

"I think Chris had one of his best games. I'm happy for Chris. He knows where he is, he knows that he has to continue his progression, he has to be consistent, but he played very well today."

On the 4th of July atmosphere:

"We wanted to have a good performance in front of our fans, especially on the Fourth of July. The people in the front office have done a tremendous job. Today, it all came together. It was a great night."