Marco's STH of the Match: King Family for July 17
Courtesy the King Family

Marco's STH of the Match: The King Family

As part of their benefits package, all Full Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to be the featured Season Ticket Holder of the Match in 2013. 


The King Family (Dan, Alice, Jackson, Alyssa, and Brendan) will be recognized as Colorado Rapids Season Ticket Holders of the Match when the Rapids host the New England Revolution on July 17 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

How long have you been a Season Ticket Holder?

"We have been season ticket holders since 2010."

Who is your favorite player on the Colorado Rapids and why?

"Each family member has his or her favorite player. Dan (dad) enjoys watching Marvell Wynne control the back and we like to say, “Marvell to the rescue!” Alice (mom) really likes to watch Drew Moor and appreciates his sense of leadership that he gives to the team. Jackson (14) thinks Martin Rivero has been an excellent addition to the team and admires his mastery at passing the ball. Alyssa (11) has always liked Jamie Smith and wishes she could see him play more often. Brendan (10) watches the goalies intently and is a huge Matt Pickens fan."

What is your favorite Colorado Rapids memory?

"Every time we come to the field is a family memory in the making and we have favorite moments from each trip we make. The first time that Brian Mullan came over and signed Brendan’s jersey and the look of pure adoration and excitement on Brendan’s face was priceless. I could go on with many others, soccer has become an important part of our lives since all 3 children play the sport and the addition of our season tickets has enriched our time spent together as a family."

Who is your favorite team outside of MLS and why?

"Manchester United is the team our family watches. We have hosted many English soccer coaches through the Challenger program and learned to love watching the Premiere League through those experiences. We literally know players from several countries from being a host family and our children have embraced many other cultures through the sport."

How did you fall in love with soccer?

"Our oldest son began playing soccer when he was four and fell in love with the game. He has always been the little guy, but in soccer his size has not been an issue. Our other 2 children also play and we have been heavily involved in our local club with Dan serving as the local president. In our home a soccer game is always being played whether it is in our backyard, on Xbox, or a game being watched by the family on television."

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